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Rent with Victoria Real Estate Agency and experience our professional and talented rental management team. Scroll down and review our currently available rental properties.

Rental Property Management

We will manage the paying of bills related to clients’ properties out of their rental revenue and provide our clients a monthly income statement.

Property Maintenance Services

Our reliable contractors perform all necessary property maintenance inspection and make recommendations to clients on making improvements to the properties.

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Property Management Services

Everything you need to know about Victoria Real Estate Agency property management services. Try us out - you'll be happy with the result.

Late Payments

Review our late payment policy and the processes incorporated into our property management procedures.

Urgent Repairs

Review this informative policy document to clarify the process for urgent repairs to the property.

A-Z of Meters

This informative information sheet describes the various meters found at residential properties and their purpose.

Tenancy Application

Download our tenancy application form and submit your application and make one of our properties your new home.

Warranty/Defect Application

Use our customised form to submit your warranty or defect request for review and action by our skilled team.

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